A Basic Overview and Effects and Side Effects of Lasik Eye Surgery

A Basic Overview and Effects and Side Effects of Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik surgery is one of the popular treatments for eyes to improve the vision whether it is farsightedness or nearsightedness. This treatment can be used as an alternative for removing the glasses or contact lenses or to improve the common vision problems. It is basically a laser reflective surgery in which laser treatment or microkeratome blade is used while performing the surgery. It should be done under the professionals or Yaldo Eye Center. An expert will always guide you in a proper way and step by step, they will perform the job for the better improvement on eyesight.

It is always advisable to get in touch with best consultant like Yaldo Eye Center. They will first examine and evaluate the eyes that according prescribes the medicine and drops. They will check whether you are eligible for the treatment or not. Then they will start the surgery procedure step by step. In the surgery a thin flap is folded than remove a thin layer is crested on cornea by laser again cover with the folded flap. It takes hardly few minutes and later on few drops or medicines are prescribed by the surgeon to fast and effective recovery.

Effects of Lasik eye surgery –

  • It improves the eye sight or vision problems like
        1. Nearsightedness – When eyeball is slightly longer than normal and person is unable to see things, which are far located, but able to see close things clearly known as Nearsightedness.
        2. Farsightedness – When eyeball is shorter than normal and person is able to see closer things clearly but unable to locate far located things and see them in blunt way known as Farsightedness.
        3. Astigmatism- When the cornea is flattens or uneven than person may not be able to locate far as well closer objects better known as Astigmatism.
  • It is quick and easy techniques.
  • It saves time of the patient.
  • It is cost effective and efficient method
  • At one go, you get the satisfied results and improvement on vision.
  • It helps individual to get rid of glasses or contact lenses completely.

Side effects of Lasik eye surgery –

  • Dry eyes – It may increase the dry eyes problem or increase the tear production or eye become tear filler. It may reduce the temporary vision of the person. Surgeon always prescribed the drops to avoid the dry eyes problem.
  • Double vision – After surgery sometimes patient might start suffering with double vision or glare problem. That is why after surgery; always go for routine checkups for few weeks to avoid such cases.
  • Flap problems – When flap is removing or folded, it may take time to reset again in the eyes. It may cause itchiness and irritation. To avoid such situation it is mandatory to fill with the eye drops all the time.
  • Overcorrection or under corrections – In surgery there is a possibility of overcorrection’s when too much tissues removed than required or under corrections when less tissues are removed than required. Overcorrection is difficult but under corrections are done again going for laser surgery.

It is always advisable to contact the best surgeon to avoid side effects. Learn more about different types of eye-related problems and their possible solutions, on this website: www.24meds.biz