Managing Mobile Bidding on Enhanced Campaigns

Managing Mobile Bidding on Enhanced Campaigns

Google now wants users to share or enjoy the same user experience across all device types. Regardless of whether the searcher is using Google (and then hopefully your site!) on a mobile device, tablet or desktop/laptop, they should go through the same process and be able to access the same information or service. In fact according to Google research, users on tablets and desktops are almost identical.

As a result enhanced campaigns have been set up to merge the three key device types together under one roof. This will in turn remove the option to for example run a campaign solely on tablets or mobile..

I asked Isuru one of our ppc account managers what we can you do to manage this better?

First Remember this formula it’s VERY useful

A – B    =  C

C / A     = D

D x 100  = %

A= Computer CPC

B= Mobile CPC


Isuru’s Case Study:

I will be converting a client account to Enhanced; before I do I want to work out how the mobile has performed before I upgrade it.

  • Open the account in campaign view (set it for around 3 months [have enough data])
  • Segment it by device type
  • Export to excel as it will be easier to view & calculate

Follow the Formula so:

0.12 – 0.02 = 0.01

0.01 / 0.12 = 0.83*

0.83* x 100 = 83.3%

I used this to calculate how much is needed to decrease on my enhanced campaigns for this client

For more in depth analysis and better optimization please look at the AVG position, conversions and CPA.

On mobile remember the best ad positions so try to stick to positions 1 and 2.


My report shows more conversions via mobile with a lower CPA.

The formula tells me I should decrease by 25%

However if you want to maximise on conversion, ( look at the ad positioning & CTR ) I want to try and maximise on the conversions as its performing better than the desktop, so I will only lower by around 15% to get a higher ad position. Learn more about different types of marketing and promotional campaigns, on this website: