Anavar cycle during cutting phase

Anavar cycle during cutting phase

Oxandrolone is the trademark name of the anabolic supplement Anavar, a synthesized drug from Pfizer Inc. Though the purpose of the drug was to treat muscle wasting diseases, the altered molecular structure treats the DHT, an androgen hormone that allows users to gain lean muscle mass with increased strength and reduced body fat along with proper diet and regular work out.

Anavar turned quite popular among bodybuilders due to its cosmetic strength and benefits. Really the benefits are attained due to few androgenic side effects say hair loss, acne, liver disease while still, it remains anabolic. Some studies researched and stated that Anavar is capable of recovering lost muscle due to burn-induced catabolism. It has been proven to help HIV patients in regaining significant lost muscle mass in the regular doses of 20-80 mg every day. However, it is to be mentioned that Oxandrolone is a poor bulking drug among bodybuilders. But on the other side, it is very helpful among women who expect to add lean muscle mass. Since it is a synthetic male sex hormone has some reactions within the body and at any cost does not affect the natural production of testosterone. Depends on the dosage, length and tolerance Anavar would have some recommendations for your PCT.

Anavar Cycle for Men

The oral Anavar passes through the liver without making any change in its molecular makeup. But most of the anabolic supplements are altered when they reach the liver except Anavar. It directly reaches the blood stream and is transported to intact with the cells. As side effects, Anavar can accelerate male baldness, acne, increased bad cholesterol with a drop in good cholesterol. Anavar cycle is not strictly for men who have heart diseases, heart strokes, attacks, and hypertension. Nevertheless, Anavar has a low impact on the body for which it stands as a coveted drug between male and female bodybuilders.

Anavar does not induce wild fluctuations in users’ hormone levels. Due to the reason, both male and female bodybuilders prefer a 10 mg Anavar cycle. The impact of Anavar with other anabolic supplements is high. During the end of the cycle, the body goes through a period where it would create too much of hormones to overcompensate the massive hormone drop. This effect continues for a while after the cycle ends. However, this effect does not happen among Anavar, so that it may not be in recommendations for your PCT.

Anavar cutting cycle:

First of all, Anavar has the ability to increase protein synthesis which helps to save muscle mass. Secondly, it provides an increased opportunity to shed fat without losing muscle mass. To obtain such wonderful results you should maintain a healthy diet along with low & balanced fat. While doing workouts, your body will probably expect fat, sugar, Carbs to turn into its fuel. When they are not fed to the body, Anavar increases the weight loss simultaneously. That’s how Anavar makes it easy to shed fat from the body. Despite having its mild virilization effects, still, it stands top among female bodybuilders. Learn more about the best exercises for better health, on this website: