Using Social Media to Sell your Car

Using Social Media to Sell your Car

Are you in the market to sell your old car? Before you visit your local dealer to discuss a trade-in, you might want to first think about selling it privately. With the resources available online, you can reach a wide audience and keep 100% of the profits, rather than paying any cut or commission to a used car dealer. With a combination of used car listings sites and social media promotional opportunities, you can potentially sell your car at a higher price in a short period of time.

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Placing a Listing

Once you’ve made the decision to list your car for sale, you’ll need to determine where it will get the most exposure. The traditional method of listing your car in a newspaper classified section can still work, but you’ll want to make sure that the newspaper posts these online. You can also use free listings sites like Craigslist or Gumtree, both of which have sections for automobiles. Sites dedicated to car news and reviews like Carsales are also a good option, because these tend to attract more serious buyers for specific brands like Ford or Volkswagen. Listing your car in several venues will get you the best exposure, so consider using all of the above. Be sure to take high quality photos, which will be vital to attract a buyer’s attention both on the listings site and over social media. You’ll also want to write an accurate, detailed description with an attention-grabbing headline.

Promoting your Advert

After the links to your adverts are published, you’ll then be able to promote them on your various social media accounts. Share the fact that your car is now for sale on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media accounts. Ask your social networks to share your listing to get even wider exposure, even if you don’t think anyone you know is in the market for a car. It’s quite likely that they will know someone who is.

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Another way to get greater exposure for your car’s listing is to create a Facebook group or fan page for it. You can post photographs, write descriptive captions, and invite friends and family to like your new page. Another way to draw interest in your car is to share personal anecdotes or tales about your car’s history. Using humour and originality wins big points on social media. On the other hand, be sure not to flood your followers’ feeds with updates, or they’ll block you quickly.

Tips for a Quick Sale

You can attract more attention to your listing by using Twitter hashtags, like #carforsale or #usedvolvo. This will make it easier for social network members who might be interested to find your listing using the search engine. Photos of your car can also be shared on visual networks like Instagram or Pinterest. Another way to drum up interest would be to offer a special discount for social media followers, making them feel like they’re getting a particularly good deal. Any way to make your listing stand out from the crowd can help you land a quick and profitable sale.

Social media allows you to interact with buyers in your area in a way that other mediums cannot, which you can use to your advantage as a seller. Using a combination of online listing sites and social media networks is a great way to sell a car and could lead to a higher profit.

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