Keep Your Eyes Young: Eye Exercise Apps for iOS

Eye Exercise Apps for iOS

If you do not take the time to properly exercise your eyes, you can potentially develop vision problems later on in life. Fortunately, with the use of smartphones, people can maintain their eye health anytime and anywhere. Learn more about the best way to protect your eyes, on this website:

In order to help keep your eyes at their best, here are 5 eye exercise apps for iOS:

1. Spot the Difference! 2

The Spot the Difference! 2 app is an excellent puzzle game designed to help strengthen your eyes. All that the user has to do is spot and tap the differences between two pictures before the timer runs out. The game is so popular because of the cute animal pictures and engaging gameplay that it currently has over 1 million downloads.

The app includes the following features:

40 free levels (with more available by purchase)

4 different game modes

Catchy sound effects

2. Meadow

Although the game is not directly advertised as being good for eye exercises, it does contain a review from an individual with visual impairment describing its beneficial use. The point of the game is to join three or more butterflies together in a row to get the highest score. Since the game requires users to match similar butterflies, it can be used to improve spatial resolution and focus.

3. Arcade Hoops Basketball™ HD

If you want to play an arcade style game to help pass the time and improve your eye strength, the Arcade Hoops Basketball™ HD iOS mobile app can help. In order to play, users must get the basketballs into the hoops before timer runs out by tapping the screen. The task is not only entertaining and addicting, but beneficial for improving hand-eye coordination as well to strengthen your vision.

4. Mahjong Epic HD Lite

For people that want to sharpen their skills while relaxing, the Mahjong Epic HD Lite can help. Although it is a solitaire game, it requires plenty of focus in order to successfully complete the puzzles, which can help improve the overall strength of your eyes. With 4 free boards and a level editor available, you will be able to push yourself to the limit or simply relax while training your eyes.

5. Vision

If you really want to keep track of your vision health, this app for iOS can help. Before you decide to get new eyeglasses, browse a contact lens store, or even make an appointment with an optometrist, you can use the app to help determine the health of your eyes. With various features available designed to test and exercise your eyes, the app can help keep you healthy. However, if you discover any problems with your vision, it is recommended to seek a professional optometrist for proper diagnosis.

Maintaining the health of your eyes is a must in order to help prevent or correct vision problems. With these 5 eye exercise apps for iOS, you will be able to keep your eyes young and be entertained at the same time.

Chelsea Miller is an eyecare specialist. She has often consulted app developers about keeping their apps eye friendly.

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