Explore Your Postage Options

Explore Your Postage Options

With Christmas soon approaching, many people will be thinking of what to buy for their friends and family this year. However, when you need to send presents to people in different parts of the country, the cost of posting a parcel can soon add up. The Royal Mail’s prices seem to rise at above the level of inflation every year and their charges can make a huge dent into a Christmas budget. That is why it is worth looking at other types of delivery options such as cheap courier companies. A lot of people are under the mistaken impression that it always costs a lot more to courier a parcel than it costs to send it through the post, but that is not always the case – especially with heavier items.

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A cheap courier service can be a welcome relief to the bank balance, and with a range of delivery options on offer, you can be certain of parcels ending up in the right hands. A cheap courier is able to transport almost every shape and size of parcel. So, get out the bubble wrap, brown paper, and cardboard boxes, and think about sending your presents today. Here are a few more unusual sized gifts that may be transported through a courier during this Christmas period.

1. Plants

An unusual plant is a popular gift for many people – especially for relatives from older generations. However, the fact is that plants are not necessarily the easiest parcels to transport! It does not take much to break the delicate stems or flowers of a plant, which is why it is important to use a courier which you can trust. Depending on where you buy the plant from, there are actually some dedicated cardboard boxes for plants which are perfect for using to transport them safely. From the smallest house flowers to large outdoor blooms, it is well worth using a dedicate courier to send them to their destination.

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2. Musical Instruments

A nightmare to transport whether you are sending them through the post or travelling with them on a plane, musical instruments have been at the root of many a packaging dilemma. Smaller instruments like clarinets, which can be broken up and kept inside specially made cases, don’t cause so much of a problem. However, wrapping up a guitar can be a real pain. No matter what the size of the instrument, they need to be transported with the utmost care and attention so that they don’t get damaged.

3. Broomsticks

Yes, this does sound like an unusual present to send somebody for Christmas. However, if you have children in the family who are mad about Harry Potter and the like, they would love a new wizard or witch’s broomstick to fly about on. Broomsticks pose a height problem as they are often when tall. Lots of protective packaging will be needed to ensure that they do not snap in half. If they can’t fly themselves it is probably best to use a courier.

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